June 26, 2019

Creches for sale in West Rand

Creches for sale in West Rand are on the market and comes in different benefits to both children and parents.

It is most vital to know that the love for children alone is not enough for you to own your private creche. Working with children can be a handful and requires too much therefore a person with interests of buying creches for sale in West Rand must be fully prepared to be in the midst of young and bright personality every day.

When wanting to own creches for sale in West Rand first you must be registered with registering an early childhood development (ECD) facility

What is a creche?

An early childhood development center or a crèche is a place for the care of more than six pre-school children for part of the day or night. There must be an agreement between the crèche-owner and the parents or caregiver. If you take care of more than six children (up to six years old) on behalf of their parents or caregivers during specific hours of the day or night, or for a temporary period, you can apply for the registration at your nearest department of social development or municipal office.

What qualifications needed in order to look for creches for sale in west rand?

A recognized childcare qualification is a top advantage. One of the following would be preferred if you wish to care for children buy creches for sale in West Rand:

  • B Tech Diploma in Childcare
  • NVQ Childcare Level 2 or 3
  • First Aid Certification
  • Basic Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Child Protection Certification


Choosing the right location

The smart move here would be it should either be close to where parents work or where they live. This could be in a residential neighborhood, near a school, a concentration of office parks or sharing a facility with another community organization.

Rules, regulations, and licenses

It is important to know that in order for your nursery schools for sale in West Rand to operate it has to be registered and comply by all the rules and regulations of so social development and department of education specifically for early child development. therefore it is advisable to finalize registration before you start operating. If you are going to accommodate six or more children, you have to register your business with your local municipality, who follows the rules set out by the Department of Social Development. When reviewing your application, the local Council can impose conditions and restrictions as it sees fit.