May 15, 2019

Creches For Sale

Deciding to buy creches for sale is not something that you can decide overnight and wake up the next day buying it, it first starts it the love for children, the passion for taking care of them and teaching them.

Considering by creches for sale requires proper background research and guidance from mentors and advisors. Potential buyers and sellers will find this article useful.

Before going any further ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Have you decided on the size of your creche? – how big do you want your center to be is the first question you need to ask yourself so that when you start looking for the premises you know how big or small.
  2. The type of services you will offer- will this behalf day/ full day creche? Will it be educational or playful, admission age and other basic important questions?
  3. What you will need to get your business off the ground- when they say money talks, they mean this stage, where you evaluate what you have and what you’ll need to start you creches for sale

Here are some of the things to consider when looking for creches for sale:

Choosing the right location

The smart move here would be it should either be close to where parents work or where they live. This could be in a residential neighborhood, near a school, a concentration of office parks or sharing a facility with another community organization.

     Finding the finance

Finance is very important because you can have an idea but if you don’t have the capital to establish it or meet it at half one. The amount of money you will need depends on the size and location of your business, the number of children, the number of staff and the services you’ll offer. Use your business plan to draw up a budget of all the things you will need. Comparing it to the cash you already have, you know what your shortfall is; how much money you need to borrow. Make sure that you have only the essential items in your budget. You can always buy the other items at a later stage. There are a few sources you might go to for funding.

You may look for an investor who will partner with you. This could be someone who will put a cash injection into the business and play a hands-on role in the running of the business. Some partners are willing to invest but don’t want to be involved in the day to day operations. You will need to enter into a written Partnership Agreement that spells out each person’s role and responsibilities and payments.

Rules, regulations, and licenses

Remember that your creche will not operate without registration and valid license, therefore it is important to finalize registration before you start operating. If you are going to accommodate six or more children, you have to register your business with your local municipality, who follows the rules set out by the Department of Social Development. When reviewing your application, the local Council can impose conditions and restrictions as it sees fit.