March 28, 2019

Day-care fees

Taking your child to the day care centre might be costly but it depends on the day-care you are taking your child to and what you want, and think is best for your child. In the following context we will be looking at the day-care fees.

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2019 day-care fees

The following are the rules of day-care fees in South Africa

  • No booking fees
  • No holding deposit required
  • Fees are paid at the end of each month (not in advance)
  • Discount given if you do choose to pay fees in advance
  • Discount given on brothers and sisters attending Cottontails

Depending on the type of day-care that your child will attend the fees also varies, in the following context are different types of day-cares and their fees.

  • Full day-care: R 3650.00
  • Half Day Care: R 3400.00
  • Part Time Day Care: R 3000.00
  • Baby Care Full Day: R 4000.00
  • Casual Day Care: R 200.00
  • Baby Care Half Day: R 3650.00

With these fees that have been highlighted above in the following are then what each day-care provides for that specific amount of money.

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Full day-care

Full day care includes all meals and snacks and invite to all events special events that take place every year, such as the annual school concert, Christmas party and graduation ceremony.

  • Half day-care

Snacks and a meal are provided dependent on your child being at the school when they are served.

The same applies for the rest of the other types of day-cares. In the following are the added benefits to the fees paid to the day-care.

Benefits added

  • Offer cooked breakfast
  • Healthy Snacks at specific times
  • Cooked Lunch (3 x Vegetables and meat)
  • Tea, Water & Juice
  • Daily Activity report book
  • Access to CCTV Cameras
  • Kinder kinetics classes once a week (Registration fee R70 per year)
  • Music Box classes once a week (Registration fee R50 per year)

Does this sound like the type of day-care your cam take your child too, if yes? why not decide today and value the education, learning and development of your child early.