May 15, 2019

Day-care in Newlands

Situated just outside Durban, Newlands is a nice, clean and very Morden suburb area that can give you give the best education and good environment to grow in.

What is a daycare?

Day-care in Newlands is the care of a child during the day by a person other than the child’s legal guardians has assigned do, furthermore, this is an early child development facility that operates with the purpose of looking after the child as well as developing their social and educational skills.

A good daycare program needs to offer some significant benefits:

  • Continuous care:

Most day-care centers offer care from the early months of infancy through toddlerhood, and sometimes even beyond.

  • Education:

 A well-organized program is geared to your tot’s development and growth. Day-care in Newlands follows specific learning procedures to better your child’s education.

  • Socialization: 

Your child will get lots of face time with other little ones, this helps them to get familiar with being around their peers and learn to socialize.

  • Cost:

If you’re planning to go back to work and need someone to watch after your child while you’re away, day care tends to be less expensive than haring a nanny.

  • Reliability:

Most centers stay open for about 12 hours to support a variety of parent schedules.

  • Specific to group daycare:

The staff is trained and licensed. And because there’s more than one caregiver, there’s always a sub.

  • Specific to home daycare:

There are fewer children than you’d find at a group day care center — which may mean more personal attention and less exposure to illness.


  1. Toyland Preschool
  • Caring, Affordable Preschool in Morningside Durban.
  • Preschool/ Nursery School Limited spaces available registration is encouraged
  • This is a caring pre-school located in Windermere.
  • offers affordable rates with all meals and snacks included.


  1. Happy Feet Pre-Primary and Day-care

Mon to Fri 7am-5pm

  • Holiday Care: Half and full day care during all holidays except December and January.
  • Age from Birth – 6 years old.
  • Meals are provided along with all stationery and books.
  • A naptime blanket and mattress also provided.


  1. Cottonfield Pre-Primary
  • your child’s needs come first.
  • cottonfield is a well-established school since 2003.
  • It’s run by a professional teacher with 13 years’ experience.
  • Accept children from ages 2-6 years


  1. Pitta Patta Playschool
  • Bringing Fun to Education A Pitta Patta Child is a happy child.
  • Offers from age 1 to Grade R (Age 6)
  • The child in our care is fully catered for with all meal’s, snacks and desserts. Education must be made fun for each child.