June 19, 2019

Day-care Kensington

Day-care Kensington is registered with the department of social development and is operating under licensing and regulations while following the curriculum of day-care centers.

It is important for parents to know that amongst other things high-quality Day-care Kensington should provide:

  • Constant supervision and good teacher-to-child ratios

Good caregivers should always watch your child, even when she’s sleeping. Ask what the ratios at the center are. Ideally, there should be one caregiver per three to four infants or young toddlers, but this depends on how big the Day-care Kensington is.

  • Safety

The primary function of a Day-care Kensington is to provide a safe and secure environment with quality caregivers or teachers so that parents have the peace of mind of knowing their children are safe while they work.

  • Education

Most day-care centers have a planned educational activity and curriculum that help build a foundation for big school readiness. Children learn through play as well as structured learning programs. Most children who attend a day-care are able to recognize and write letters and sight words and can-do basic addition and subtraction before they begin grade school.

  • Learn Socialization skills

This is the most important skill that children learn in Day-care Kensington because at an early age teachers are able to determine the low and strong skills of each child.  One of the best benefits a child receives while attending a day-care program is socialization. Through play with peers and interactions with adult staff members, children learn valuable social skills including sharing, compromising and language skills.

Group Day Care:

These types of day-care are run similarly to a school, with kids of varying ages cared for in groups. These facilities need to be state-licensed and registered, this why you need to check if the school is operating under license or not. If you choose this option, you’re in good company: More than a quarter of infants and toddlers are in center-based care.

Benefits of Group Day-care Kensington

  • Improves communication skills and social skills of the children
  • Enhance development opportunities
  • It has intellectual advantages.
  • Children create friendships and get used to the learning environment before school.


Home Day Care:

This childcare is run out of the provider’s home. Basically, these are the parents who say they feel more comfortable with the child being cared for individually at their homes. The parents usually hire nannies to care for their own children at the same time. While some home daycare providers have received training and are state-licensed, many are not.

Benefits of home Day-care Kensington

  • One on one child care
  • The child is cared for and nurtured alone.
  • Children learn at their own pace no pressure from peers.