March 27, 2019

Day care songs

There is no day care without songs, they offer a sense of learning to the kids and have different meanings in which in a way are educational at the same time offering fun.

This songs and hymns are educational, they will help your child grow, and know the difference when it comes to life and playing, they are not just songs, but they will enable your child to be able to memorise, learn while playing at the same time. The following are the well-known day care songs.

Day care songs

  1. Ring a Ring a Rosie
  2. Shosholoza Move Forward (Shoo-shoo!) Call and Response Song
  3. Imvula Children songs (Xhosa)
  4. Five Little Monkeys
  5. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  6. Hickory dickory dock
  7. Hush Little Baby
  8. I’m a Little Teapot
  9. If you’re happy and you know it
  10. We are on our Way to School

Many people have different views when it comes to day care songs, some think that they are only for fun, but in the following context you will see why day care songs are important, as they have different benefits for the little ones.

The benefits of day-care songs

  • Assists the children in being calm and comfortable.
  • Fosters physical activity
  • Positive use for language development
  • Improved memory skills
  • Improves openness to the world

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There are also different types of day care songs for different age groups, in the following are the different types of songs.

Types of day-care songs

  • Infants songs

Background music can be soothing for infants, especially at sleep time. Loud background music may overstimulate an infant by raising the noise level of the room. Sing simple, short songs to infants in a high, soft voice.

  • Toddlers Music

The key to toddler music is the repetition of songs, which encourages the use of words and memorization.

  • Pre-schoolers Music

They aren’t self-conscious about their ability and most are eager to let their voices roar. They like songs that repeat words and melodies, use rhythms with a definite beat, and ask them to do things.

  • School-Age Children Music

Day-care songs, for most young school-age children they are intrigued by kids’ singalong songs that involve counting, spelling, or remembering a sequence of events. School-age children begin expressing their likes and dislikes of different types of music.

Songs play an important role in helping children grow, from the age that they are born they can relate to songs or music and learn from it. Thus, taking them to a day care can help them learn, develop and at the same time enjoy being young.