March 27, 2019

Day-care vs nanny

Are you busy working, not sure whether to take your little one to the day-care or have the assistance of a nanny in your home? In the following context will be how both have differences and how each can play a different role.

What does this person do?

Day-care refers to a place that allows parents to drop off their children during the day for care, supervision, and learning. They usually open at a certain time and at a close specific time, what is good about a day-care is that when you are a busy working mother you can always pay the day-care for the extra hours and they can still take care of your child.

Does this sound like something you can try for your child? Continue reading for more information on day cares!

In the following we will look at the benefits of taking your child to a day-care.

Day-care benefits

  • Day-care offers regular schedules and activities
  • Improves academic advancement.
  • Allows the child to bond with peers.
  • Interaction with other adults (for the parent/s)
  • It is a social and economic benefits for parents
  • If you send your child to a day-care there are high chances of them behaving better.
  • Helps the kids be more efficient communicators.
  • Day-care moms are more likely to participate in their kids’ schools.

Does a day-care sound like a place where you can take your child to? On the other hand, there is another option for parents which is a “nanny” and in the following context we will be looking at how hiring a nanny can work.

What does this person do?

A nanny refers to, to someone who is fully invested in a child’s development and their well-being. Generally, a nanny will care for children full-time while both parents work. It’s a nanny’s responsibility to create daily schedules and engage in activities to ensure healthy mental, physical, and emotional growth in the children they care for.

A nanny is different from the day-care because of the following, in this context we will look at the benefits of hiring a nanny to take care of your kids and the different nannies that are available.

The types of nannies:

  • Full-Time Live-Out Nanny

A full-time live-out nanny works “full-time”, This type of nannies, do not stay in the family’s home, and do not perform any non-child-related chores. Many full-time nannies are professionals with extensive training or education in childhood development, which makes them an asset.

  • Full-Time Live-In Nanny

This type of nannies stays with the family of the little ones and they can sometimes perform roles such as doing the chores.

Nannies could be someone that the family knows who may also be close to the family or someone who is professional, nannies are the type that are responsible for the wellbeing of your child when you are away, they play the role of a parent in a way. In the following are the different benefits of having a nanny to care of your kids.

The benefits of having a nanny

  • If you are working your nanny can plan the day’s schedule around your kids’ needs and current temperament.
  • Childcare is in the comfort of your own home.
  • Parent does not have to worry about negligence’s.
  • When hiring a nanny, there is not need for a lot of paper work. Pass on the paperwork.

Which one sounds best for you and your needs to your child’s needs, is it a day-care or nanny?