January 25, 2019

Day Cares in My Area

Day Cares in My Area

Day cares in (my) your area

  • Day cares in (my) your area understand that a child’s learning cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ approach as every child is an individual whose uniqueness we value and respect.
  • Day cares in (my) your area recognise the importance of independent learning in a child’s early formative years and we encourage all children to explore our carefully prepared environment and develop into self-motivated and self-disciplined learners.

Day cares in (my) your area nurture an interest and understanding of the people and world around us and each child’s place within it.

  • Day cares in (my) your area promote the philosophy that day care is not about ‘learning for now’ it is about ‘learning for life’.
  • Day cares in (my) your area are the foundation to later school life, by ensuring that each child has a positive and enjoyable experience of early education.
  • Day cares in (my) your area allow children to grow in confidence and value themselves while learning at their own pace without being rushed.
  • Day cares in (my) your area understands that families are the first educators of their children and aim to have an open, honest and supportive relationship with our parents where they are fully involved in their child’s development.
  • Day cares in (my) your area continually evaluate our provision to ensure that we are offering the very best in Montessori practice.
  • Day cares in (my) your area work with a very high staff-to-child ratio and ensure that each child will have their needs met regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, home language, gender, ability or family background.
  • Day cares in (my) your area encourage children to express their characters while behaving in a friendly and considerate manner towards their peers.
  • Day cares in (my) your area will endeavour to provide your child with the very highest standards of education and care in a safe, secure, stimulating and orderly environment.

Where every child can grow.

Day cares in (my) your area, outdoor Classroom helps to develop:

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Communication and social skills
  • Greater understanding and awareness of the natural environment
  • Physical skills
  • Natural motivation and a positive attitude to learning
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Team skills
  • The ability to recognise and manage everyday risk
  • Healthier lifestyles

It is vital that when your child is taking part in an Outdoor Classroom session they are wearing the appropriate clothing for that day’s weather. They will need to be wearing suitable footwear, for example waterproof boots or trainers (if not wet). They will need full waterproofs and plenty of layers. Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

The ethos of day cares in (my) your area is based on a belief in the basic rights and responsibilities they all share, to respect, love and show compassion for ourselves, each other and the natural world. Our long-term aim is thus to have a dynamic impact on the local community in which children live and grow. Day cares in (my) your area hope that this will consequently reach into and inspire other communities, thus spread the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to achieve a sustainable world.

Day cares in (my) your area places the rights of children at the heart of everything they do. Through their work on global citizenship and environmental sustainability, children are immersed in the key Values of respect, tolerance, compassion, democracy, freedom of speech, rule of law, individual liberty and acceptance of difference and diversity.

At the heart of every child is a unique genius and personality. What day cares in (my) your area should be doing is allowing the spark of that genius to catch fire, to burn brightly and shine.

The Day care Staff work closely with the Reception staff to ensure that learning is continuous and progressive and that children in the Foundation Stage receive the best start to their educational lives.

Day cares in (my) your area aim is for parents to feel part of their children’s learning and our ‘Open door’ policy is there to ensure that if you have any queries or concerns you can always call in for a chat.

Creativity children community

Day cares in (my) your area provides education and care for children from birth to age five and offer a range of courses and activities for the whole community.  Day cares in (my) your area is a place for children and families to feel at home and to be themselves, where they can learn and grow in a safe, stimulating and inspiring environment.

Going to day care for the first time is one of the most important experiences in a child’s life. Young children are at a tender age and day cares in your area would like to make the experience as pleasurable as possible so that they feel happy and comfortable in their new environment and are eager to enjoy learning.

Traditional Teaching Methods

At day cares in (my) your area each individual child is cared for and taught in a traditional and homely manner, in an environment that is both stimulating and fun. Day cares in (my) your area offers excellent quality care for children aged three months to five years from a variety of teachers. For the older children day cares in (my) your area introduce many subjects such as practical life, sensorial, language, maths, cultural subjects and general knowledge. More activities include swimming, computers, music and movement, art, craft, sand and water play, and not forgetting outdoor activities also their aim is to provide each child with the confidence to excel!

Baby, Toddler and Pre-school rooms

The children are separated into three groups being Baby, Toddler and Pre-school rooms. By doing this at an early stage of a child’s life, day cares in my area believe that it enables the child to develop at his or her own pace whilst being with other children of the same age.

Day cares in (my) your area believe that children need the individual care and attention and by creating different groups it allows them to develop your child’s basic skills initially leading on to more refined skills further in their time at Playdays. Day cares in (my) your area aim is to help each child to reach the highest degree of independence and confidence, as well as to discover their own strengths academically and creatively, and to pave the way for them to go on and be happy and inquisitive at day care.

Feedback on Your Child’s Development

At day cares in (my) your areas are dedicated in providing the finest quality of care, education and love for children. Individual profiles are kept on your child, observing and noting their general development throughout their time at day cares in (my) your area.

A daily routine diary for every child under 2 years old is written for parents to take home at the end of the day enabling them to see what the activities of the nursery were, and how their child is generally progressing. Day cares in your offer parents/teacher meetings for children of all ages, and a general progress report at the end of the child’s time at the nursery is forwarded on to your selected school.

At day cares in (my) your area communication is of utmost importance and they welcome frequent discussions with the parents about the children. Termly packs relating to the activities and topics of the room, and newsletters are sent out to parents regularly.