November 13, 2018

Nursery Schools Fourways

Our Philosophy

Nursery Schools Fourways aims to be Fourways best child care centre – a claim we don’t take lightly! Nursery Schools Fourways cater to discerning parents who want the best quality care for their infants from two months through to kids under seven years old.

Our aim at Nursery Schools Fourways is to ensure every child in the loving care of our centre feels important, heard, understood and protected. Nursery Schools Fourways do this by not just providing the best quality teacher to child ratios in Fourways, but by also limiting our class sizes. This allows for intimate care and quality shared experiences between children and educates. Less noise, overstimulation and confusion also ensure that children start to develop positive identities in what is widely regarded as a child’s most important age.

Our Mission

Nursery Schools Fourways provide a safe, clean and inviting environment, well balanced P1-ready curriculum and warm empathetic teachers for children under our care so that they flourish to be well rounded, inquisitive, caring and confident individuals. We partner closely and personally with our parents.

Nursery Schools Fourways is designed to make your child feel comfortable in a fun environment that feels like a home away from home. Children acquire many skills and knowledge from their surroundings and develop skills through observation. Nursery Schools Fourways is a warm, secure and stimulating environment; all important factors that promote a child’s physical and mental health. However, another important detail, fundamental to the learning process is an engaging physical environment, which is why we focus as much attention on motor skills as well as educational. We welcome you to come and visit our day-care and see first-hand how we approach our development program, from the nursery to toddler program and through to our preschool programs.

At Nursery Schools Fourways we firmly believe in working together with parents in order to identify and polish all the intrinsic skills of your child. All of our programs have been designed using English as the first language and will help your children enhance their language use and skills.

When you walk through the doors of Nursery Schools Fourways, we extend to you an environment for open communication and we emphasize on building a relationship with every child and their caregivers. We respect every family and their beliefs and encourage parents to get involvement in our daily developmental programs. As such, we also schedule parent – teacher meetings to discuss your children’s daily activities and/or specific needs in order to develop strategies that are more personalized and effective.