November 13, 2018

Creche Free State

Creche Free State

Creche Free State reflects in its environment this modern and international identity of the community that it is part of. Creche Free State features the most functional and modern furniture, specially crafted for early childhood education. The classroom materials are carefully selected to accommodate the different age-group needs and classroom settings.


Our philosophy at Creche Free State is to be carried out by emphasizing the child’s abilities, competences, and natural aptitude, developing and fostering the child in ways that encourage the development of new and inherent talents. These qualities will in turn allow the child to embark on and prosper in life with confidence and skill, especially in his or her future educational endeavours. In addition, learning will take place through positive relationships and caring adults.

Creche Free State believes that all children have a right to high quality education. At the core of this concept is the child’s natural curiosity of their world coupled with a respect for the countless qualities and values that we believe each child is born with. Along with the support of parents, teachers, and the community, children will build their learning and development with determination and enthusiasm while learning how to discover knowledge and improve their communication skills as they plan and make decisions in small groups. They will become prepared to successfully excel in their lives as well as in their elementary, middle, high school, and university education, on which their future success will so greatly depend.

Our Programs at Creche Free State

Baby Nido (3-12 months)

Our educators at Creche Free State know the importance of creating a trust filled relationship with our infants. As our educators soothe and nurture children they support them in building a sense of confidence by responding quickly and appropriately to their natural cues. Our educators comfort your baby while holding, talking, singing in a quiet reassuring voice, and by making eye contact with them. We encourage our educators to think of and research opportunities they can offer very young children, which will provoke their thinking. Since babies learn with all their senses our educators expose them to multiple sensorial experiences with materials such as paint, clay, sand, light, shadows, and much more.

Nido (12-24 months)

As your child begins to walk, run, and jump, our educators observe and analyse their interactions with the environment, materials, and each other. Our teachers at Creche Free State use these observations to recognize your child’s interests and create projections based on your child’s curiosity and their teachers’ intentions. With many toddlers possessing at least 50 words by this age, educators observe your child develop their expressive language skills and witness an increase in their ability to remember events. Empathy, pretend play, and social roles are explored as teachers support your children as they navigate their first relationships and begin to create their own identity.

Two’s and above

As your child grows in a safe and comfortable environment they are more open to take risks and be more autonomous. Independence becomes an evident milestone for two-year olds and above. As they discover all the things they can do, they want to do more things for themselves such as eating, washing hands, dressing themselves, and learning to use the toilet. Through various sensorial, fine motor, and gross motor experiences teachers encourage children to become self-sufficient.