November 13, 2018

Creche Limpopo

Creche Limpopo


Creche Limpopo’s mission is to provide a space where children the age of 2 through 6years old gain confidence with themselves and their environment, which we believe is the fundamental base for their personal development and future happiness. Creche Limpopo support the children in their process of self- discovery as individuals, valued member of the family, and society. With this in mind, we have achieved success with the children with our pedagogy in teaching the English language.


Our wish at Creche Limpopo has always been to provide a stable, positive, dynamic environment with mutual respect between the children, teachers, and families. Creche Limpopo offer a secure, clean, welcoming setting solely taught in English and especially adopted to stimulate curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, as well as to develop the children’s self- esteem and value their classmates and teachers. We believe that the children`s love, safety, respect, and happiness, are key to creating capable adults that can successfully overcome any challenges they face in the future.

Our nursery school puts special emphasis on personal value, and gaining confidence socially and emotionally, in which the child’s personal growth is fostered and the child is culturally integrated with their environment. Also, Creche Limpopo value that the child feels “recognized”, since it is one of the most important experiences in life. At Creche Limpopo, the children find many opportunities to discover, experiment, and reflect. The teacher, which act as “co- participants” in the learning process, appreciate and encourage the children’s natural curiosity, providing spaces where the children’s interests are heard and incorporated into the classroom.


Creche Limpopo has a creative team of experienced professionals, who have allowed the children to strengthen their autonomy, self- esteem, and self-confidence. The teachers in our day-care provide love and deep respect to all the children, while also encouraging empathy between the classmates. This is possible because we only work in small groups where each student is provided attention.

Educational Project

Our educational project is supported by an active-reflexive methodology that strives to achieve with every child self-discovery and to be consciousness of their actions, always with a positive outlook and strengthening the child’s self-esteem and confidence within their environment, combined with the Montessori principle that allows each child to develop their vision and creativity in the environment around them.

Our Pillars at Creche Limpopo

Principle Values

Our Nursery school highlights each child’s personal value while also gaining confidence socially and emotionally. The individual growth of each child on how to be social is supported by love, responsibility, and respect which are essential parts of their development.


For us, safety is fundamental. The child can fully develop when they feel safe within their environment. Our biggest concern is that each child feels secure and confident both emotionally and physically within their setting in Creche Limpopo


We believe that the children build their world through learning based on their own experiences. Focused on self- discovery and consciousness, the foundation of our methodology is supported by the main theories and techniques of “Montessori” education.