November 13, 2018

Creche Northern Cape

Creche Northern Cape

Creche Northern Cape provides childcare of the highest quality, while providing a safe, nurturing environment by our professional staff. Our innovative environment will allow your child to grow intellectually, physically, creatively, emotionally and socially.


Creche Northern Cape vision is to insure a diversity of experiences for growth of the mind, while using to its advantage the modernization of today’s society to allow our students to have an exceptional and unconventional understanding in new leading-edge technology, while fully grasping their curriculum. The well-being of your children is extremely important to us that’s why we provide the up most safety and security. Our vision at Creche Northern Cape is to provide our little future executives with a positive, nurturing, engaging environment.

Mission and Values

Creche Northern Cape strives to provide a stimulating and educational experience which will promote each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal at Creche Northern Cape is to prepare our students for the future by treating them as individuals to help them grow to be independent, creative and self-confident. Creating an environment that will give a variance of experiences through art, music, reading and exercise, with a multi-lingual enrichment. Emphasizing on a hands-on approach, that is fundamental in the early ages of development. Our commitment at Creche Northern Cape is focused on our children as much as our parents and we provide support and encouragement to assist those who desire for their children to be functional life-long learners.

We Value… 

  • being able to create a warm, secure setting where a child feels loved and enabled to develop confidence and independence within him or herself-independence
  • always being available to answer questions and offer support during this significant and very important process of your child’s development- collaborative
  • the ability to treat each child as an individual with the right to be treated equally in regard to religion, racial origin, special needs and cultural background – integrity
  • the ability to instil perseverance, overcoming obstacles by working hard to reach any set goal – effort
  • the ability to build relationships with each parent and encourage parents to participate in their child’s progress and achievement – essentiality

Parents Role

A parent’s role is to support their child’s academic growth. Support the schools and be pro-active in their child’s education. Express concerns with the teacher. Be a partner in the schools. Know your child’s academic strengths & weaknesses so you the parent can work with your child on the skills they are lacking.

A positive home environment instils a value to education as opposed to just learning in school only. A parent knows their child best and can practice different learning styles that the teacher doesn’t see in the classroom. Establishing healthy relationships is a crucial part of child development. If parents can foster healthy relationships among themselves and their children, they are likely to continue developing healthy relationships among themselves and others.