June 26, 2019

Nursery Schools Radiokop

Deciding to send your child to nursery schools Radiokop can be a difficult decision to make, for some parents, it is not a choice, but it influenced by the pressures career demands/ going back to work.

Parents worry about leaving their children with strangers whom they don’t know if they’ll be capable of proving the best care for their child and nurture them in a good way that will help them to grow.

There are generally many positive benefits that come with enrolling your child to the best nursery schools Radiokop which a direct impact on your child’s development will have now and as they progress to school some of these benefits are:

  1. Nursery prepares children for school

Children benefit hugely from mixing with other children and will, therefore, be more prepared and better equipped when it comes to starting school. They will also adapt easily to a learning environment, have the greater social skill to communicate with other children and in the environment.

  1. Encourages playtime

As much as nursery schools are encouraged to implement curriculum learning but playing is important for any child to grow. At nursery Schools Radiokop child will have a chance to play and learn in a group and one-to-one with a member of staff. They will also benefit from playing with other children, as this can help them to gain confidence and develop their social skills.

  1. Helps children develop social skills and make friends

Socialising with other children is vital for your child’s successful development. They will be eager to engage with their peers and become aware of the attachment they feel towards children they regularly play with.

  1. Nursery schools Radiokop also benefits parents

Parents are kept updated on their children’s overall progress through daily/ weekly reports. Parents feel more relaxed after having a break from their children and they become at ease knowing their children are in good hands. Your children are being looked after by nursery practitioners who have had a decent night’s sleep, enjoy their work and are paid to change nappies, manage tantrums and clear up food thrown on the floor.

Furthermore, before parents enrol their children in  Nursery schools Radiokop they need to check if they are licenced and registered with the Department of Education and fulfil certain criteria. It must be:

  • Registered with the provincial government.
  • Managed and maintained according to the Guidelines for Early Childhood Development Centres.
  • Compliant with the norms and standards, which include having:

Another good tip if you are still anxious about sending your child to the nursery you can also speak to other parents, visit the nursery unexpectedly to evaluate the facility.