April 4, 2019

Day-care observatory

Day-care observatory

Day-care observatory

What does it mean!

Day-care observatory is undertaking research in all areas of education and allied areas of social policy to secure social justice and regional transformation. Its aims to undertake high quality research and consultancy, which informs debate and has impact on practice and policy.

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The Observatory is an educational thinking tank with institutional members across 30 countries. The uniqueness remit is ‘borderless’ education worldwide- disruptive innovations such as online learning, internationalization in all its forms and commercial competition and partnerships. It offers analysis on trends, business models and policy frameworks. The purpose is to provide strategic intelligence for education leaders and policymakers attempting to navigate the opportunities and threats of borderless education.

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In the following context are the various day-care observatory.

Day-care observatory: Types

Kay-dee edu-care

  • Educare Preschool from age 3 to grade R.
  • After School Care
  • Baby Care Creche
  • Care for Special Needs children
  • African Music and Dance: R100.00 per month
  • Computer lessons: once per week for learners aged 3 years to Grade R. R130.00 per month.
  • Swimming Lessons: once per week for ages 2 years to Grade R. R130.00 per month (only available during the 1st term of the year).

Firm foundation

  • Offers breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack every day.
  • Better hygiene (All toys are washed and sanitized regularly).
  • Our extra murals are Kindermusik (18 months – 3 years) Fun and Dance (2 older groups) and Soccer Stars (3 older groups), these included on the fees. These are included in the fees.
  • Offers stimulating, age appropriate educational programs in all our classes.
  • The day-care centre has a communication app, with which parents can download to their phones and computers. This dramatically improves communication as parents get instant news and alerts as and when they come up.
  • The centre also uses WhatsApp as a form of communication. This allows us to send the occasional photo or share information with a specific parent about their child.
  • The staff are all First Aid trained.

First steps day-care

  • Open from 7:30am until 17:00pm.
  • As a Christian Day-care facility that includes prayers, songs and bible stories as part of the daily activities.
  • The staff are warm and nurturing, committed to loving and developing everyone.
  • Have weekly themes aimed at teaching children about the world around them.
  • There is a provision of a well-balanced, cooked lunch everyday which includes salad/vegetables and fresh fruit.