October 8, 2018

Pre-Schools near Me

Is your little one at the age where he/she must go to pre-school and you find yourself on the internet because you are searching “pre-schools near me” worry not because we will give you all the information you need on pre – schools near (me) you.

Pre-schools near (me) you uses the Early Years Foundation Stage to promote and support education, care and development in the early years. Each room at pre – schools near (me) you is filled with age-appropriate resources and equipment. The state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard and touchscreen computer in the Pre-School room helps children to grow in confidence as they learn about the world around them.

Daily boogie Mites session, support learning letters and sounds while our beautiful, cosy baby room with its black and white sensory area encourages all areas of early development.

At pre-schools near (me) you, delicious, healthy and nutritious food, sourced from trusted suppliers is prepared and cooked by our very own chef. We hold a 5-star EHO rating for food safety and hygiene. Menus change seasonally and cater for all dietary and religious needs.

At pre-schools near (me) you the friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff are on hand to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you.

Pre-schools near (me) you have Core Values


Pre-schools near (me) you aim to develop the individual talents of each child. Pre-schools near (me) you, we provide a happy, caring and stimulating atmosphere and aim to develop children’s independence, social skills and confidence. Pre-schools near (me), you can expect children to have lively inquiring minds and to work willingly to improve their skills.


Pre-schools near (me) you, our classes are small and friendly, but they demand high standards of behaviour from pupils. Pre-schools near (me) you particularly always expect the children to show consideration and respect for others.


Pre-schools near (me) you have an open-door policy and make them available as much as they can to discuss a child’s development. Pre-schools near (me) you use Tapestry which is an online learning journal, this is completely interactive for parents and allows Parents to follow their child’s development and add to their child’s profile. Once a year we have parent’s evenings and every child receives an end of year report.


Pre-schools near (me) you supports learning through providing a range of meaningful, planned and spontaneous learning experiences that are developmentally and culturally appropriate and based on the skills and abilities of the individual and of the group.

At this stage the environment supports children’s independent thinking and learning across the curriculum as independence skills are encouraged throughout the day. Children are encouraged to develop autonomy, recognising their own needs such as when they need a drink or need to use the bathroom. Activities provided build on children’s current stage of learning and include ICT skills.



Pre-schools near (me) you use the garden all year around, in all weather. Pre-schools near (me) you has an outdoor area that allows the children to take risks and make choices in a safe environment

The outdoor area provides children with excellent opportunities to be physically active and to gain more control of their fine and gross motor skills. The children are exposed to a range of natural experiences; they can explore different weather conditions and begin to develop an understanding about cause and effect.


Pre-schools near (me) you offers a unique opportunity for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education, improve our school and develop bonds with other parents.

Because we are a registered charity, we are required to have a management committee which is generally made up of current or former parents. We meet regularly to discuss the running and management of the pre-school.

We hold regular parents’ meetings throughout the term and try and schedule them at a time that suits most parents.

Other roles have included parents sharing their interests and skills with the children.  For example, parents have enjoyed reading stories, organising fund-raising events, attending class trips and teaching simple cooking, dance or language classes.


Pre-school near (me) you offers a range of activities to stimulate a pre-schooler’s love of learning. Children are involved in music, art, scientific observation and experimentation, pre-literacy, reading and writing, French, pretend play, yoga, and physical play (Munch kinetics). All these activities help them explore new things about themselves, one another and their environment. We also focus on nutrition, teaching children where food comes from and the basic knowledge of food groups, vitamins and minerals and support this with our healthy, tasty food from the Kidco Kitchen.

Why Choose Near You

Outstanding Early Years’ provision

The overall effectiveness of the early years’ provision is outstanding. The pre-schools near (me) you follows the Montessori approach in its pre-school.

Excellent Pupil Progress

Small classes, enhanced by teaching assistants supporting teachers, ensure the progress of the children accelerates as they move through the school.

Specialist teaching offered in Music, Art and PE.

Excellent facilities & outdoor space

  • Access to world-renowned museums and colleges
  • Located in two beautiful Grade II listed buildings
  • A large secure garden

Acceptance into top Primary Schools

Usually pupils from pre-schools near (me) you achieve excellent results year on year, which allows pupils to move on to destination schools that rank among the best in the country.

Excellent Pastoral Care

Pre-schools near (me) you, is committed to encouraging pupils to fulfil their potential and for them to be valued equally. Pre-schools near (me) you, place emphasis on a balanced, all-round education. Their pupils are happy and confident, eager to learn and to help others.

Food & Nutrition

Pre-schools near (me) you has an experienced catering team serves hot lunches every day to all children from Nursery and upwards, producing all food on site. Food is nutritious and varied. It helps children maintain attention in class and supports their physical and mental development. The chef caters for vegetarians and children requiring special diets for specific medically proven conditions and ensures our food respects a range of religions and cultures. Pupils and parents frequently comment on the quality of the food we serve, and pupils especially enjoy the kindness and thoughtfulness of the catering staff.

Healthy snacks are served to students throughout the day and they learn about nutrition and health related issues in PSHE. Pre-schools near (me) you has an “edible garden” project for Montessori Early Years has seen children planting and nurturing seeds and plants before getting to eat them. The chef works with the children to show and explain how the vegetables and herbs they grow are used in the meals he prepares for them. Pre – schools near (me) you seek to bring something of the country to town to enhance the children’s understanding of where their food comes from, and of the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet.

A Partnership for the Future

Pre-schools near (me) you, believe that parent involvement is essential to the provision of child care, and that the partnership between parents and staff is important to the development of each child. Parents are encouraged to visit, participate in programs, and attend special events. Parents are also encouraged to be involved in ways that reflect their interests and talents, such as sharing recipes, reading stories, or leading a classroom activity