May 15, 2019

Preschools for Toddlers

According to research, children receive the most benefits from preschool when they are at least 12 months old but preschool is advisable for the toddler as well if the parents are working.

Preschool for toddlers is very hard in the early stages because the child must adjust to the new environment and new routines. Preschool for toddlers don’t only provide childcare or babysitting for your child, they also have a well-designed program for early learning.

Basically, the main purpose for Preschool for toddlers is to prepare your child for the school years, by teaching them social and academic skills.

Advantages of Preschool for toddlers:

  • Preschool for toddlers provides early learning, this includes benefits of childhood education, studying in groups and being in a learning environment
  • Being exposed to teachers with training in early childhood education.
  • Improves your child’s social interaction your child will have lots of opportunities to interact with kids of different ages. This can help them learn, grow, and mature.
  • At an early stage, your child will be exposed to a wide range of activities, like games, art, music, dance, and sports.
  • Preschool for toddlers gives your child exposure to a regular routine that prepares them for school.
  • Most preschools are a safe and highly supervised place of learning, it is every parent dream to know that their child is at a safe institution.

Disadvantages of Preschool for toddlers:

  • Most parents argue that preschools have less time for one-on-one interaction with children. This simply means that a teacher’s attention is often divided to care for plus or minute 20 children per class.
  • Some parent thinks that the learning systems are too early for their toddlers, they feel as if their kids are forced to adjust to academic programs at an early stage.
  • Separation anxiety is one of the main advantaging for toddlers, they find it difficult to separate from their parents and others may need more personal attention.
  • Some preschools focus more on academic learning and forgetting that children need enough time to have fewer social activities. Which means play-based learning is also important.


Nonetheless, a child can gain a lot from Preschool for toddlers here are some of the skills that are learned at Preschool for toddlers:

  • Academic learning
  • reading and writing
  • Numeracy
  • Science

In conclusion, choosing the right Preschool for toddlers requires a lot of research and satisfaction whether to send your child to preschool (private or public) because it’s the place where your child will spend half of their day, so as a parent you need to ensure your child’s safety and educational benefits.