June 26, 2019

preschools on the Bluff

Early childhood education is very important in any child’s because that is where they discover who they really are, learn about the basics of life that they will apply in grade school preschools on the Bluff aims to be more than just facilities to look after children but they focus more on nurturing the children and offering curriculum that will develop their skills.

As you scroll looking for preschools on the Bluff for your child, you may come across schools with differing types of preschools and the different approaches they use as part of their learning process.

This varies from early child development curriculum, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, play-based, High Scope are just some of the types you may come across.

As a parent, you are responsible for choosing the right care you think will be best for your child, some preschools focus more on creative play and individually focused learning while others favor group projects and curriculum learning. This means one program may promote play as the primary learning activity while others may include more traditional academic learning.

The best advice to parents when choosing

would be to match the school with your child’s needs because there is a wide range of early learning programs available, you’ll have to think about your child’s personality and learning style, and try to imagine how your child will fit in each environment.

Below are some of the types of preschools on the Bluff that parents can choose from:

  • Montessori

The Montessori school philosophy is based on the work of Maria Montessori, an Italian educator, who founded the movement in 1907. Children participate in a variety of hands-on activities. Play materials are designed for specific purposes, which guide the child’s playtime. Montessori fosters personal responsibility by encouraging children to take care of their own personal needs and belongings, such as preparing their own snacks and cleaning up their toys.

  • Project-based

Schools with a project-based approach consider children to be individual learners and teachers to be guided. Students work together and with their teachers to negotiate, plan and work through projects. Their lessons are enhanced with real-world connections, field trips, and projects.

  • Play-based developmentally.

Play-based preschools on the Bluff are the most fairly common around South Africa. Their primary principle is to promote participation in age-appropriate activities, such as unstructured hands-on play, group story-time, and themed activities. Kids are encouraged to learn through play, though some have added more academic content in response to demand.

  • Religious

Many churches and religious schools offer preschools on the Bluff programs. They may follow any preschool philosophy in determining curriculum.