October 8, 2018

Day-cares in South Africa

Day-cares in South Africa

You probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating: young children are brilliant humans.

Day-cares in South Africa work is to nurture children’s naturally curious minds and kind hearts, while keeping them safe as they play.

Playing is the complex work of childhood, and the care day-cares in South Africa provide (and advocate for) both guides and honours the learning that play offers. As loving early years professionals, Day-cares in South Africa also recognize and respect the unique interests of your child.

Let’s watch, talk and listen with your child during these important early years.

Day-cares in South Africa don’t rush children through this time. Everything they do – from what they learn, to the relationships they build and the challenges they navigate – lays a foundation for their future. Day-cares in South Africa are here to help them, and you, through these years, and believe that the care your family receives will span a lifetime.

Come see the learning, and feel the love, inside our Early Learning communities.


Day-cares in South Africa builds a future where all children, and those who care for them, belong to learning communities that intentionally offer time and space to build relationships, contribute their voice, and realize their potential.


Day-cares in South Africa nurture curious minds and kind hearts by providing and promoting childcare and education. Our innovative culture values our youngest citizens, engages employees, partners with families, and strengthens community.


Our belief about children

Day-cares in South Africa believe in the competencies of all children. Day-care in South Africa view every child as being full of potential and believe that all children have a natural desire to learn and make meaning of their world. We believe that children have the right to live fully in their own childhood not to be rushed through it.

Day-cares in South Africa offers distinct advantages over other child care alternatives.

The Staff

All full-time child care workers are trained and certified as Early Childhood Educators. Their education and their many years of experience makes them a very well qualified team of child care professionals.

Field Trips & Special Visitors

Each month through the Spring and Summer, day care children get to enjoy a field trip to a local destination such as museums, farms, zoo etc

Annual Summer Picnic

Day-care children families are invited to attend an annual summer picnic each June. Treats, bouncy slides, bubbles, music and a meal are all part of the fun.

Annual Christmas Concert

Each December, day-care kids perform songs on stage for their families and friends during our Christmas concert. This is possibly the most memorable event of the year.