April 4, 2019

Day-care Springs

Day-care Springs

Day-care Springs

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Day-care is very important when it comes to the learning, development and growing of the child. In this following context you will learn more about day-care centres and day-care Springs.

In the following context is the information on how to choose the right day-care centre for your child.

Day-care Springs: Tips on choosing a right day-care

  • Need to look the working hours, and extra hours if you work overtime.
  • Fees and services.
  • Qualifications and training.
  • What education, training, and experience does the child care provider(s) have? Is the child care provider certified in CPR?
  • Are the staff disciplined.
  • If your child will require to be taken to the day-care, one needs check if the facility offers transport.
  • Policies
  • Does the caregiver have current references from parents you can contact?
  • Licensing /accreditation.
  • Is the centre licensed or registered with the appropriate local government agencies? Are there any outstanding violations? Is the program currently accredited or in the process of becoming accredited?
  • Visiting policy.

Can you visit the centre before your child is enrolled? If your child is enrolled, can you visit the centre anytime it is open? Can you see all the areas that your child will use?

Then after looking at the importance’s of choosing the right day-care for your little, you can decide on the following day-care Springs options and their services that are available.

Day-care in Springs

Toddlers corner

  1. Takes 9 months -6 years old (including GR. RR and GR R- CAPS)
  2. It has a nutritional healthy on the hand tasty menu.
  3. A hygiene friendly environment.
  4. Health certificate and certificate of acceptability
  5. The day-care has a secure environment (Chubb and cameras)

Little Kiddies Day-care and Aftercare

  • Carters for children from birth to 6 years to preschool.
  • Open 6am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Serve 3 meals.
  • Has curriculum for all ages from January to December.

Activities includes junior computer lessons arts, crafts, and swimming.

  • Activities such as arts &Crafts, swimming, Computer, music, colouring, and painting are included as extra murals.
  • Teachers and care givers are professionals, dedicated, loving, carrying and qualified in taking care of little children.
  • Opens at 6am to 18:00pm

Boombalee Kidz

  • Has an infant programme.
  • 3-Year old to 4-Year-old
  • The classes start from ER to R
  • Has small class size
  • Offers Individualized attention
  • Early Foundations curriculum, that can help prepare the young for school.

A day-care is one of the best options when you are thinking of helping your child learn and prepare them for school it also helps the young one learns how to make friends.