October 8, 2018

The Best Day Care near Me

The best day care near (me) you offers state-of-the-art facilities, combining bright and spacious rooms indoors with fabulous outdoor areas. The best day care near (me) you has an experienced and motivated team provides a stimulating yet safe environment for creative play. The best day care near (me) you takes pride in being a friendly setting in which each child’s physical, emotional and developmental needs are met. Every child is special and is encouraged to achieve his or her full potential in the precious pre-school years.

The best day care near (me) you staff members provides opportunities for creative play that will nurture your child’s physical, social and emotional development.

Children develop through exploring the world around them and that’s why the emphasis at the best day care near (me) you is on fun learning through play. The nursery’s layout, staffing and activity planning are structured around the different needs of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Each child is assigned a key worker who is responsible for the emotional wellbeing and development of a small group of children. This system allows the key worker to understand your child’s individual needs, build a special relationship with them and give them a sense of security. Your key worker will provide daily feedback – such as activities, nappy changes and food eaten – as well as regular updates on your child’s progress.

The experienced childcare staff at the best day care near (me) you, are all qualified to NVQ level 3 or above. They participate in a rigorous induction programme and have regular appraisals. Career development is provided on-site in our dedicated training room, with two floating staff members allowing training to take place without compromising either safety or fun for your child.

The best day care near (me) you provides a high standard of affordable childcare for children from 3 months up to 5 years of age.

The best day care near (me) you, nurseries are purposely designed day care nurseries providing high quality childcare in a large, safe and stimulating environment. The nurseries also offer spacious, well equipped outdoor play areas providing further opportunities to promote your child’s development and give them the chance for fresh air throughout the day.

The best day care near (me) you, primary goal is to ensure that they provide the highest quality childcare that is both accessible and affordable. The best day care near (me) you, nurseries will differentiate itself by a passionate attention to detail in everything we do underpinned by their quality programme. Your children will be safe, loved and stimulated in an efficient, well maintained and above all, homely environment. The best day care near (me) you will promote a healthy understanding and respect for natural values in all aspects of the nurseries.

The best day care near (me) you is a place to grow

The best day care near (me) you offers childcare and education for children aged 3 months to 5 years, their dedicated and passionate staff team helped them secure ‘Good’ with an area of ‘ Outstanding’ for the Children’s Personal welfare and Development.

The best day care near (me) you is in a convenient central location for parents working in CBD. The best day care near (me) you offers bright and spacious rooms.

The best day care children are helped with their transition to school with their unique Ready for School Programme including Growing Readers, Writers and Mathematicians. As well as a range of age appropriate activities from quiet story time to role play, we provide an array of extracurricular activities including Piano lessons, Music and Movement Click IT, Ballet, and Baby Signing classes to develop inspiring and enriched young individuals. At the best day care near (me) you, babies also benefit from a weekly ‘Music and Sensory’ class.

At the best day care near (me) you has friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff are on hand to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you.

The best day care near (me) you believes that children reach their full potential because of their natural ability to learn through their creativity and imagination. At best day care near you, child led, emergent curriculum allows the children to interact and communicate with staff, peers and parents in a positive safe, home like environment. At the best day care near (me) you staff are dedicated to continuous professional development, where they can bring new ideas into the centre and encourage children’s natural curiosity.

The best day care centre near you centres 

  • Are designed for children ranging from infant to school age
  • Have bight spacious rooms, with an inviting atmosphere to encourage your child’s growth and natural ability to explore
  • Fun and encouraging learning environment that will provide the stepping stones to expand your child’s knowledge
  • Encourage your child’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills
  • Programs are based on individual needs of each child

The best day care near (me) you facilities:


When it came to “outside play”, the best child care near you designed their Playgrounds environment with “nature” in mind. The children explore their environment in both open areas and under shaded mature trees offering protection from the sun. The best child care near you have gentle hills in their large playground area that make for fun “bobbing and weaving”, along with a gazebo and large shaded sandbox. In the middle of it all is a large pirate ship with a lookout tower and slides from which many make-believe stories have sprung! In the summer, children help tend a kitchen herb garden that lies just adjacent to the covered picnic table enclosure.

The best day care near (me) you also playgrounds that has been more specifically designed for Toddlers. It includes a covered area for picnics or art projects, a covered sandbox and a large area with softly-padded wood chips incorporating riding toys and bouncy ride-ons. This playground area provides plenty of opportunity for sand and water play on warm sunny day

Art Studio

The best day care near (me) you, Art Studio is a dedicated space that enhances and maximizes the art experience for children Pre-Kindergarten (4’s) and Pre-School (3’s) programs. The process rather than the product, namely the exploration itself rather than the child’s achievement, is what they focus on. The best day care near (me) you, Art Studio is very well equipped and supplied with all kinds of art materials and is sure to awaken the children’s “inner Picasso”!

Meals & Nutrition

The best day care near (me) you takes the task of nourishing children’s minds and bodies very seriously and ensure that their diet at the day-care is healthy and well balanced.

The best day care near (me) you chefs, together with the administration, closely oversee all aspects of our nutrition program. They select only the best items from suppliers in planning their seasonal menu. A variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, lean meats and quality dairy products are offered daily. The best day care near (me) you, home-style recipes are all prepared from scratch, virtually eliminating the need for processed food. The best day care near (me) you menu is consequently free from Trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup/sugar and commercially-made taste enhancers, enabling us to provide more natural foods. Real food makes for healthy kids!

The best day care near (me) you kitchen is fully equipped with commercial grade equipment. Lunches and snacks are served at the required temperature in their delightful coloured child-sized dishes that match their Bistro.

Consistent with ability to provide personal care, the best day care near (me) you are more than willing to work with families on an individual basis when it comes to specific dietary needs. Taken into consideration are allergies, food restrictions, life-style choices (vegetarian) and religious choices. The presence of nuts/peanuts in the day-care is strictly prohibited to maximize the safety of children with these allergies.

The best day care near (me) you prides themselves on their unique ability to cater their families in a personal and individual fashion. The best day care near (me) you nutrition program is another way which allows them to provide children with the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly.