November 13, 2018

Nursery Schools Umhlanga


At Nursery Schools Umhlanga, we offer all sorts of hands-on learning classes and activities that enrich each child’s academic and social selves. Our children learn to make music and art, move their bodies through gymnastics and fitness classes, and discover the world in our Imagination Station and Sensory Centres. Nursery schools Umhlanga even invite guest presenters to come in and bring their own brand of adventure to the classroom.

Nursery Schools Umhlanga provides quality early learning experiences for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. We provide developmentally appropriate practices to meet the needs of our infants and toddlers, excellent academic foundations for our pre-schoolers, positive role modelling for our school agers, and an encouraging environment for each child we care for. We continually seek to build relationships throughout the community that will link our families to the businesses, educators, and community agencies equally dedicated to the advancement of children and families.


Our holistic approach at Nursery Schools Umhlanga to children’s health and nutrition, academic development and social/emotional well-being is the foundation by which your child will grow. Our first mission at Nursery Schools Umhlanga is to build and nurture a relationship with each child and their family.  We work collaboratively with each family to determine goals for the child and share with parents regularly to ensure these goals are met.

Our program is designed for individual development at the child’s own pace. Our low teacher/child ratio at Nursery Schools Umhlanga allows the caregivers to provide security, identity, exploration and continuity of care for a journey of searching and learning. Although your child is away from you during the day, Nursery Schools Umhlanga maintain portfolios for each child so that you know your little one is not only being cared for but is growing developmentally during their time with us.

Our Curriculum

Nursery Schools Umhlanga uses an emergent method of teaching where our trained teachers design their curriculum based on the interest of the children. So instead of trying to figure out a “hook” to get your children interested in the lesson, the teacher starts with the children’s interest based on observation, documentation, and creative brainstorming. Our curriculum is not just pulled from some book off the shelf, but we work really closely with your child’s needs and interests to make sure not only that they are learning, but that they love to learn.