April 4, 2019

Day- care Witbank

Day- care Witbank

Day- care Witbank

What are my options!

There are various ways in which if you are a working parent there are various ways that can help your child and you as a parent. This includes a day-care as an option that can help you while also on the other hand assisting your child to learn and have fun at the same time.

There are various ways in which a day-care centre can shape a child’s life whilst on the other hand helping them learn through having fun. In the following context are the ways in which taking your child into a day-care can help both the child and the parent.

Day-care Witbank: The importance’s

  • The child can learn how to Socialize
  • Helps the young learn Cognitive and Language Development.
  • Day-care provides Dependable Care
  • Strengthened Immunity

If the above information is what you are looking help on, then a day care is an option that you should send your child to.

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Day-care Witbank: Day-care centres

St Andrew’s Academy

  • This day-care is Christian school here the children are taught Christian morals and ethics. Every morning the children have a bible story, discussion and prayer, followed by singing “Jesus Songs”
  • The members or staff are trained and qualified.
  • The academy prepares children to excel in their educational journey. We are registered with the South African Council of Educators; the Mpumalanga Department of Education and the Witbank Health Department.
  • Each week the classes work on a specific theme.
  • Extra mural which includes (dance classes/ language classes and computer lessons).

Kiki Riki- day care

  • Allows infants/toddlers and pre-school
  • The programmes from the day-care program strives to develop the child holistically while sparking curiosity and promoting mastery of the environment.
  • Activities, provided in the day-care includes (early literacy, mathematics, the arts, social studies, science, and technology).
  • The curriculum supports not only cognitive development, but also the physical, social, and emotional abilities of each child.
  • Offers services of tutors
  • Small Class Size

MCAC child academy

  • MCAC child academy provides children day care from 0-5years, Grade R, after care, Remedial Education and psychological assessments for school problems’ child academy specializes in cognitive stimulation and psychosocial development.
  • The academy also takes handicapped young ones.
  • The day-care opens from 06:30 am until 17:30 PM

If you are staying in the area of Witbank and you are always having a busy schedule a day-care is an option, you should take when wanting the best for your child on the other hand yourself as a parent.