March 27, 2019

Day-care jobs

Are you looking for a job in a day-care centre read through this to learn more!

This is a big and growing sector, babies are born every now and then making the industry to grow and open new opportunities for teaching and learning.

There are different fields that one can get to if they want a career within the day-care industry or sector. In the following are some of the titles that one can become or work in the sector as.

Day-care jobs: The types

  • Early Childhood Educators (ECE)

An early childhood educator’s job is most often involved with infants, toddlers and preschool aged children.  They can work in a variety of locations including preschools, child care centres, kindergartens and some primary school classrooms.

  • Childcare Worker (Day-care workers)

A childcare worker must monitor the children and ensure their safety.  They often teach social skills to children and perform some pre-kindergarten readiness instruction.

  • Centre Manager

They can play a role in planning the childcare centre’s educational program and tracking the development of children.

  • Teacher’s Aide

A teacher’s aide aids teachers in preschools, primary schools or high schools.  They help prepare teaching materials and supervise the children.

  • Out of School Hours (OOSH) Assistant

The job of the OOSH assistant is to watch over the children and provide them with activities to perform, including games and educational tasks.

The above information can convince you to work in the day-care industry, but the following is an eye opener hence many jobs these days lack the following benefits that the day-care industry has.

Day-care jobs industry benefits

  • There are flexible work schedules
  • The industry offers, child care subsidies
  • You get to get paid leave.
  • If you are working at the industry you will get discounts.

An average day-care worker starting salary is from R36 000.

Do I need a qualification?

Yes, you do need a qualification, for you to work in the day-care industry. The following are some of the colleges that you can get your qualifications at.

Institutions offering day-care courses

  • College SA
  • INTEC College
  • Damelin Correspondence College (DCC)

Does this sound like a career you can take?