March 27, 2019

Day-care regulations

Regulations of day-care has proven to improve the safety, teaching, discipline and learning for children, continue reading on day care regulation for a better insight.

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Are you afraid of sending your child to a day care, because you are thinking of negligence hence there are many children, or you are thinking that they are not regulated?  They are regulated, here are the following information highlights on how day cares are regulated.

Basic rules and day-care regulations

  • It is important that, all children have a waiver on file for the current calendar year.
  • The operators of child care facilities to be certified (they must have documents giving them the right to have a day-care).
  • The state for some countries and for some the body from the Municipality regulates premises on which child care facilities are operated that they are age appropriate and suitable for the health and well-being of children;
  • Children are not permitted to be signed out by anyone other than the parent/guardian who signed them in, unless authorized by the parent/guardian who signed them in. documents such as Identity book are required for this process.
  • Parent/guardian must remain within the complex while their child is visiting the Child Care areas. Parents utilizing the Sports facilities must leave a cell phone number with the Child Care Attendant on duty so the parent can be reached if needed.
  • Service is available for a maximum of 3 hours per child.
  • If a child is hurt or injured, staff will notify parents immediately of the problem. Staff will then fill out the appropriate incident/accident report form.
  • Fighting, horseplay, and unsafe behaviour are strictly prohibited.
  • Glass items of any kind will not be permitted.

The above rules of day-care regulations are to protect and ensure that the safety and learning of children at the day care. The regulations are the guideline for the parents, community and the day care itself.

Furthermore, it is important that day cares be regulated. In the following that states the importance of having regulation day cares.

The benefits of having day-care regulation centres

  • Child Care Subsidy: Only regulated child care providers participating in events that are eligible to receive subsidy either from promotors, the government or donations from the state, the child care subsidy which helps working families pay for child care.
  • Commitment and Stability: Being regulated demonstrates that as a day care, you have full commitment to your job as a child care professional and is one indicator of a quality program.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you are operating a legal child care business will give you a sense of personal satisfaction, as well as providing more confidence for parents seeking quality child care.
  • If you are a day care that is regulated and has a good reputation, then you can get referrals from people.
  • As a day care you have the opportunities for Professional Growth & Networking
  • Respect: As a regulated child care provider, you are respected as a small business owner and operator who is licensed or certified by a regulatory agency. Caregivers develop a sense of self‐confidence knowing they are providing a quality child care program in their local community.
  • Support: You can get support from promotors, the government this leads to growth for your day care.