April 5, 2019

Day-care with cameras

Day-care with cameras

Day-care with cameras

The safety of your child is always important, when you decide to take your child to a day-care facility it is very important to always check things like security, do they have cameras installed for the safety of the little ones. In the following context it will highlight the importance of having cameras at the day care-day.

Why is it important!

In this context it will highlight the importance of having and taking your child at a day-care with camera surveillance.

The importance of day-care with cameras

  • Protect children and employees – A video surveillance system helps always keep track of your employees and children. Keeping intruders and unwanted visitors out is easy.
  • Secure the building – Video surveillance, in tandem with other security methods like access control or ID cards, can help keep your building safe from intruders, thieves and vandals.
  • Remote broadcasting – A security system that uses IP cameras and an NVR (network video recorder) allows you to transmit your videos over the internet. If you own multiple day care centres, this allows you to check in on any of them at any time.

On the hand getting cameras installed in the day-care might be a good idea but on the other hand there are also downsides to them in this case are being highlighted.

Day-care with cameras: Downside

  • Legal issues

In most states, recording audio with video surveillance is only allowed by police. Consent is required to tape with sound, while you can watch your little one play, eat and take a nap, you won’t be able to hear what is being said. So, you can see another child being reprimanded for slapping your toddler, but you won’t be able to hear what a caregiver is saying.



  • Privacy

Most day care centres require a parent to input a password to watch the goings on at the centre. This doesn’t mean that another parent isn’t sharing her password with family and friends, If a parent logs in at work or the library and forgets to log out, anyone could be watching your toddler, including a child predator. If you don’t want people you don’t know watching your little one, a day care with video surveillance isn’t an ideal option for you.

  • Unseen areas

Cameras at day care are ideal for detecting abuse or negligence, but not all areas of the centre are videotaped. Bathrooms and changing tables are almost always off limits, and the cameras might not reach the far corners of each room and hallway.

In the following context is information on day-care with cameras.

Day-care with cameras’

Opti baby and kids

  • Has check in times with live view camera access.
  • Has a dedicated baby curriculum (ages 3 months to 12 months) through which staff do a variety of daily activities with each child.
  • Young toddlers (1-2-year olds) are new walkers use these fast-improving motor skills to explore the world. This is a time when we help them learn how to live with others, begin sharing and become increasingly independent and competent with everyday tasks.
  • The day-care has web accessible CCTV cameras at all our Opti-Baby & Kids centres. These cameras monitor your little one’s movements and everyday activities, so you have the unique opportunity to log in to see what your child is up to – any time of day.

Kiddies palace

  • The day-care has CCTV Cameras throughout the school with live video feeds via our website for all parents.
  • Excellent child / educator ratio (one teacher and one teaching assistant per class).
  • Open from 6AM to 6PM.
  • Extra murals available (different options available).