November 13, 2018

Creche KwaZulu Natal

Creche KwaZulu Natal

Our Mission

Creche KwaZulu Natal offer a quality developmental preschool program in a small, nurturing environment. We encourage our children to explore, discover, and create.

Our Philosophy

Creche KwaZulu Natal believe learning is an active process. Children learn best by doing and experimenting, and it is the teacher’s role to provide an environment that is exciting to explore. Our teachers guide children’s development by providing hands-on activities that allow children to discover and make conclusions on their own.

We believe a program for young children should respect the individuality of each child and recognize his/her unique needs. Our teachers at Creche KwaZulu Natal strive to provide individual learning opportunities and choices to encourage independent thinking and foster self-esteem.

Creche KwaZulu Natal provides students with many hands-on activities in an outdoor classroom environment. Activities include growing vegetables, exploring insects and nature, and harvesting foods that are eaten during snack time.

At Creche KwaZulu Natal we believe it is important for children to breath in the fresh air, see the beauty of our four seasons, and get their hands a little dirty!

Creche KwaZulu Natal offer a quality developmental program in a small, nurturing environment. In our school, our children are encouraged to explore, discover and create together.

Creche KwaZulu Natal would not be possible without a dedicated professional staff. Our teachers are united by a genuine interest in children and an enthusiasm for learning. They are trained to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that challenges and enriches each child. Our programs are designed to help children grow toward increasing physical, social, and emotional competence so that they feel safe and confident in our school.


Creche KwaZulu Natal recognise the benefits of play-based learning where children learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings and needs to others, lengthen their attention span and develop their creativity. Children are invited to play and explore in a secure environment where they can confidently tackle new situations and discover their surroundings.


Creche KwaZulu Natal’s professionally trained staff not only provide children with a solid foundation in literacy, and socio-emotional development, but seek to promote a life-long appreciation of learning through emphasis on the joys of discovery and the empowerment of choice. Our core curriculum is enhanced by activities that allow for children to creatively express themselves, such as dramatic play, music, movement, art and dance.


With the first years of a child’s life being critical to shaping a child’s future, health and development, we acknowledge that the changes we make to improve our children’s environment can have a profound impact on their small bodies. Therefore, we are committed to reducing environmental hazards in our centres and providing children with an eco-healthy environment, so they can grow into healthy adults.