April 4, 2019

Day-care Pretoria East

Day-care Pretoria East

Day-care Pretoria East

What you need to know!

There are different kinds of day-care and they also have different services that they offer, in the following context is information on the different types of day-care and day-care centres found in Pretoria East.

There is various day-care that are available of which also have different uses, in this context we look at the types of day-care Pretoria East.

Types of day-care in Pretoria East

  • Child Care Centre or Long Day Care

Long day care centres provide all-day or part-time care for working families and offer developmental programs within their care programs. Meals are usually provided, and some long day care centres provide care for limited numbers of primary school children before and after school, and during school holidays.

  • Pre-school / Kindergarten / Prep

Pre-school is a planned educational program for children in the years before a child commences school. Children are usually aged between 3 and 5 years of age. Pre-school may take place in a range of settings including a purpose-built building, in a community setting, a school, as part of a long day care centre or a mobile or visiting service.

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If you are living in Pretoria East and you are looking for a day-care don’t worry no more because in the following context are different day-care centres and their services.

Day-care in Pretoria East

The Lap pre-school

  • Promoting healthy choices by encouraging greater independence during meal times and self-care routines.
  • Helps promote the developing reading and writing skills from an early age through to primary school.
  • Prepares the child for school.
  • has various extra mural classes.

Mini me academy

  • Offers swimming classes
  • The centre also computer classes.
  • Sports is offered as an extra mural
  • Teaches the children English and Mathematical

Silver stars school

  • The school teaches English and Afrikaans
  • For registration you will need to complete an application form
  • The menu for at the day centre is wholesome daily-prepared meals and out of dedicated kitchen is displayed on notice board and is available at reception.
  • Progress Reports will be handed out to the parent(s) twice a year, in June and December.
  • Any medication must be completed within the medicine book by the parent in the classroom and medicine must be handed to the teacher. No child with a contagious illness will be allowed to come to school.

Making a choice!

It may seem difficult making a choice on choosing a right day-care for your little one, but the information provided can help you make the right decision.