April 4, 2019

Day-care Welkom

Day-care Welkom

Day-care Welkom

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Are you on the verge of sending your child to a day-care and you do not know where to start, in the following context is information to help you choose the right centre for your child?

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In the following context is information on the services that are offered by day-care. The information will help you choose the right day-care centre according to your needs.

Day-care Welkom: Services offered by day-care

  • Community development
  • Teaches the young ones to behave, in terms when it comes to respect.
  • The day-car serves as a place where the young person can be taken care of in the absent of their parents.
  • Prepares the young ones for schools.
  • The day-care centres also encourage children to learn whilst having fun.

If the above information is what you are looking why not choose a day-care. Here are the different day-care Welkom near you that you can choose from.

Day-care Welkom: Day-care centres

St Andrew’s day-care

  • Grade RRR (3 –4-year olds).

Children must be fully toilet trained – no nappies will be accepted.

  • Grade RR (4 – 5-year olds)
  • Grade R (5 – 6-year olds)
  • The day-care offers outings to the (farm or bakery).
  • The Day begins at 07:30 with children arriving from 07:00. Please ensure that they are on time so they can eat and slot into the programme. Breakfast and Lunch are included for the children.
  • On the other side the day-care offers, half Day or Full Day Option. Half Day until 13:00 or Full Day until 17.00.


Little Shepard’s day-care and pre-school

  • Opens 07h30 to 16h30 Mondays to Fridays.
  • Little Shepherds is a Christian day care where it creates a safe place where the children are taught Christian values and that Jesus their Saviour loves them.
  • The language of learning is English, but the children do use their home language when playing.
  • Offers a wide range of educational toys that help the children to learn skills they require for development in many areas such as counting and English.


Busy Bee day-care

  • Christian based school where we live out and encourage the children to value others, despite their differences.
  • The children that attend the day-care needs to wear a uniform.
  • Three delicious and healthy food.
  • Extra murals classes of choice.
  • Outdoor time where the young one gets the time to play outside.

Day-care is the right choice for parents not only it will benefit the parent, but it teaches the young to learn at their tender age at the same time having fun.