April 4, 2019

Day-care Pretoria North

Day-care Pretoria North

Day-care Pretoria North

What are my options!

Are you seeking a proper education for your little one, or are you busy working and looking for someone to look after your little one, a day-care is the right decision? In the following are the different types of day-care in Pretoria North.

In the following context are the advantages of day-care centres and how they can benefit the parent and the child.

Benefits of day-care centres

  • Helps Build Social Skills
  • Day-care centres offer a wide variety of toys, books, games and play equipment. Day-care provides opportunities for creative play with art supplies, educational games, dress-up outfits, and building blocks.
  • There are multiple teachers
  • Cost: The price of day-care tends to be more affordable than a nanny since you are sharing the cost with other families.
  • Teach problem-solving, compromise and conflict-resolution techniques
  • Encourage children to demonstrate cooperation, inclusion and compassion.
  • Taking a child to a day-care allows the children to learn respect and listen to non-parent authority figures.

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Day-cares are everywhere it requires that one makes the right decision when it comes to the selection of them. That is why it is essential that a person wanting to send their child to a day-care must make sure that they choose accordingly to what is best for their child. In many cases it always a good plan that visitation to the day-care can sum the entire search for the perfect day-care.


Looking at the benefits of day-care, you can now see how it changes a lot in a lives child they learn a lot of things such as listening skills. In the followings are the types of day-care Pretoria North near you.

Day-care Pretoria North types of day-care

Kids 24 day-care centre

  • Offers the teaching of creative activities
  • Offers the teaching of language and knowledge.
  • Teaches life skills.
  • Extra mural classes (music/ dancing/ cooking and art).

Little Camelot School

  • Promotes Social Development
  • Promotes Physical Development
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Promotes Emotional Development
  • There are various sport activities
  • Outside paly and stimulation activities
  • Three meals a day which a healthy and delicious

Exclusive Kids Academy

  • The day-care is a well-established Christian preschool, situated in a peaceful, leafy suburb of Pretoria.
  • Services vary from long-half day, full day is Full Day: 06h00 – 17h30
  • ​ Half Day: 07h00 – 13h00 (Space Limited).
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Snack is also provided.
  • Graduation Ceremony will also be held at the end of the year.

Loffieland creche and pre -primary school

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Ballet & Modern Dancing lessons
  • Computer lessons
  • Soccer Lessons