April 4, 2019

Day-care Westville

Day-care Westville

Day-care Westville

Do you stay in and around Westville and you are looking for a day-care for your child that can work in your convenience, read through for context on how to find the right day-care Westville?

Why is it important!

There are various importance’s of taking your child to a day-care, that is why in this context it will highlight ways which puts you and your child in a position that allows you both  to benefit you as parent and your child as the young one.

Day-care Westville: The importance

  • A day-care can help a child by keeping them safe and healthy. In addition, it helps children develop skills they will need for success in school and in their lives outside of school.
  • Offers Social, emotional and communication skills.
  • Pre-literacy and basic mathematical skills and concept
  • It is an awareness of their environment and the roles of the people in it.
  • It helps promote Emotional and Social Development.
  • Promotes Cognitive and Language Skills
  • Promotes Math and Reading Skills
  • Encourage a Child’s Curiosity
  • Prepares Children for Future Schooling


In the following are the options of day-care Westville that one can choose from.

Day-care Westville: Options of day-care centres

Berea West Preparatory School

  • Has qualified and friendly staff.
  • The schools have a computer and media centre which offers and ensures that all the learners learn how to access information and to use this information effectively. The combination of books/media and technology/computers enriches their learning and foster both logical thinking and creativity. It adds an invaluable dimension to our school and our learners’ future.
  • Musical classes
  • Speech and drama classes
  • Each year a wide variety of functions are held at the school in order to involve the learners and their families. These may include an annual school sports day, swimming gala, fun walk, speech and drama festival and soccer/ netball and hockey tournaments. Parents are also invited to attend open afternoons to view children’s books.
  • Parents are represented by the Governing Body and regular meetings are held to ensure that the best interests of our school are served. Our parent community has always been willing and extremely helpful, thus contributing to the effective running of our school. All parents have their own expertise.

Little Dolphin Pre-Primary School

  • All educators are fully qualified, and the school caters for children from the age of 3 until they enter grade 1.
  • The school offers an integrated programme with the learning outcomes and assessment standards which include literacy, numeracy and life skills.
  • Aftercare facility opens until 17h00.
  • Extra mural activities such as Monokinetids, pottery, ballet, soccer and drama.

Get the best value of education for your child at an early age.